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Sights in Budapest

Which sights in Budapest should not be missed? Discover the best attractions, famous monuments, incredible museums and unique sights of Budapest!

Top 10 sights in Budapest

If you enjoy art, culture & gastronomy you'll definitely find what they are looking for in Budapest. With several interesting museums, cultural monuments and breathtaking architecture there are plenty of fascinating places to visit. As in most European cities, the historical sights are the most popular attractions of the city. Unique places in Budapest are the Thermal Baths and the Parliament Building. Don't skip the Hungarian cuisine though, because Budapest is a top destination in terms of authentic cuisine. Here you can discover the top sights of Budapest.

Castle Hill and Buda Castle

From almost everywhere in Budapest you can see Castle Hill and Buda Castle which proudly overlooks the Danube. The Castle District is home to several museums. The Castle District is a very attractive part of Budapest that should not be missed when you visit Budapest.

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Óbuda is the oldest part of the city, where the kings lived before moving to Castle Hill. Now it is a kind of suburb with a couple of old houses left where music performances and other cultural events are held.

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St. Stephen's Basilica

The largest church in Budapest (and the second largest in Hungary) is named after King Saint Stephen, who was later canonized. The church has a somewhat bizarre attraction: the right hand of Stephen (The Holy Dexter).

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The Bridges of Budapest, Chain Bridge

Budapest has no less than nine bridges. The most famous - and most beautiful - is the Chain Bridge, the first bridge that connected the districts of Buda and Pest. All the bridges were severely damaged at the end of the Second World War.

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Margaret Island

In the middle of the Danube, and therefore also in the middle of the city, is a beautiful park where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Budapest. In addition to beautifully landscaped gardens, there are swimming pools and you can see the ruins of a monastery.

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Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion

Like so many other buildings in Budapest, the Matthias Church was severely damaged several times. Now the church has been restored to its former glory, with the characteristic coloured slates on the roof. The Fishermen's Bastion also contributes to the charm of this part of Budapest.

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Caves of Budapest

Underneath the city lies a labyrinth of caves. In total there are probably about 30 kilometers, but not everything has been mapped out yet. Two caves are open to the public. In one you see beautiful stalactites, in the other you smell healthy air.

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Thermal Baths

Budapest is famous for its public thermal baths. There are dozens of them, including thermal baths that are centuries old. Imagine yourself back in time while enjoying a wonderful thermal bath.

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Hungarian Railway Museum

A must for railway enthusiasts. This is Europe's largest open-air railway museum. You will see historic locomotives and wagons from the Hungarian Railways and you can even hop aboard some of these trains for a ride.

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House of Terror Museum

A rather controversial museum and certainly not the 'nicest' sight. However, a visit to this museum is recommended, because it deals with the very recent history of Hungary: the terror of the fascists followed by that of the communists.

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