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Thermal Baths


Thermal Baths

Budapest has many hot springs. Thermal baths were already being built at these springs in Roman times. Budapest is still a city with an extensive bathing culture; there are centuries-old bathing houses but also modern ones.

One of the most famous but also most expensive bathhouses can be found at the foot of the Gellért Hill. These Art Nouveau-style Gellért baths are among the most beautiful in Hungary. There are separate baths for men and women, but there are also baths for both sexes. There are also bubble baths, saunas and a Thai massage parlour. The Gellért baths can be very busy, especially on weekends. Before or after a visit to the bathhouse you can climb the Gellért Hill. At the top is a military fortress from 1851 and you have a beautiful view of the sights in Budapest.

The Király Baths are not built on a hot spring, the water is supplied from elsewhere. The Turks built this bathhouse in 1565 within the city walls, so that they could enjoy a beneficial bath even during a siege. There are separate days for men and women.

Also beautiful are the Széchenyi Baths in the City Park (Városliget). You can still get a taste of the beginning of the 20th century here. It is a huge complex with a 50-meter pool and two outdoor hot tubs and many thermal baths and saunas inside. The water from the spring is very warm, about 75 degrees.

The Rudas Baths are probably the oldest in Budapest. This bath evokes the atmosphere of an old Turkish hamam. The octagonal central pool is surrounded by six smaller pools. Light enters through a large glass dome. You can also drink the water from the healing springs! The complex has recently been completely renovated.

Visit the Gellért Baths

Website: Gellért Baths
Address: Kelenhegyi út 4
Opening Hours: open daily 06.00-20.00

Visit the Király Baths

Website: Királyb Baths
Address: Fo u. 84
Opening Hours: open daily 09.00-21.00

Visit the Széchenyi Baths

Website: Széchenyi Baths
Address: Állatkerti krt. 11
Opening Hours: open daily 06.00-22.00

Visit the Rudas Baths

Website: Rudas Baths
Address: Döbrentei tér 9 Opening Hours: open daily 06.00-22.00

For current and detailed information about Budapest's thermal baths, please visit the Budapest Spa website: opening hours, water temperatures, prices of combination tickets.


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