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Castel Nuovo


Castel Nuovo

When Charles I of Anjou became king of the kingdom of Sicily (which included southern Italy and Sicily) in the second half of the 13th century, he moved the capital from Palermo to Naples. This included a castle, so he ordered the construction of Castel Nuovo, which was not yet called Castel Nuovo at the time. It was not given the name New Castle until Alfonso I had it completely rebuilt in 1443.

Only the Capella Palatina remains of the original castle. In the courtyard is the church of Santa Barbara with frescoes by Giotti. Before the arrival of Alfonso I of Aragon, the Arco di Trionfo was built in 1443, a white marble entrance gate that clearly stands out from the grey volcanic rock that makes up the rest of the complex. The most striking are the massive towers, three at the front and two at the back.

The Baron's room, the Salei di Baronna, has an impressive Spanish-Gothic vault in the shape of a star. This room owes its name to an event under King Ferdinand, the son of Alfonso. The barons of Naples conspired against the reign of the Aragons. Ferdinand invited them to a party at the castle, but it turned out to be a tragedy. The king had the castle hermetically sealed and the barons were arrested and later executed.

The Museo Civico is located in the west wing of the castle. The works of art from the castle are exhibited there, mainly sculptures and paintings. Near Castel Nuovo there are more attractions in Naples, including Teatro San Carlo.

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