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Cycling in Naples

Want to explore Naples by bike? Discover the best cycling tips, bike tours and cycling routes and enjoy a relaxing ride through Naples!

Cycling in Naples

The Italian city of Naples, beautifully situated on the Gulf of Naples, is a city full of authentic streets, lively squares, historic architecture and fascinating attractions. A city where you can really taste the history, with as a bonus a great view of Mount Vesuvius. Are you looking for an activity that lets you explore Naples in a surprisingly fun way? Cycling in Naples is the best way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. Exploring Naples by bike may not immediately appeal to you, but it's truly one of the best ways to experience the city. We'll tell you all about cycling in Naples!

How bike-friendly is Naples?

Naples and cycling, it hasn't been love at first sight. The Italians are used to using their beloved scooter or car as the main means of transport. In recent years, however, cycling has also become increasingly popular in Naples. The narrow alleys and roads in the city centre are difficult to reach by car, making cycling through these historic streets more and more popular. That the Italians cycle like they do in their scooter or car should come as no surprise. So keep in mind that there are a lot of ringing and chaos on the road.

There are not (yet) many cycle paths in Naples. In recent years the city has invested a lot in a beautiful route along the bay. Where this used to be a dirty, busy and noisy road, this is now a clean, wide promenade that only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to use. This 20 km long cycle route is a must do when you visit Naples! There are plans to extend the bike paths towards the suburbs and the city centre. Cycling in Naples is really on the rise.

In addition to cycling in Naples, the surrounding areas are very suitable for exploring by bike. There are plenty of hills in and around Naples for the sporty types. For those who want to explore the surroundings in a relaxed way, there are good cycling routes that take you along the coast with its breathtaking landscapes and historic villages. Ideal for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy the peace and fresh air!

Bike tours in Naples

Discover the sights of Naples in a fun & meaningful way with a guided bike tour! A bicycle tour is the ideal way to discover the city in a short amount of time, well organised and without stress. The local guide will tell you fascinating stories and information about the sights, the history and culture of the city. As a real local of Naples, the guide truly knows the best places in the city, so you'll be getting lots of tips for nice restaurants, cafes, authentic streets and other fun things to do in Naples.