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Cycling in Milan

Want to explore Milan by bike? Discover the best cycling tips, bike tours and cycling routes and enjoy a relaxing ride through Milan!

Cycling in Milan

Milan is often described as a fashion and business city. During a walk through the city centre you will see well-dressed shoppers and businessmen. But if you explore the city in greater depth, you will be rewarded with surprising aspects of Milan that reveal the charm of this city. Milan has a vibrant mix of history, culture and modern developments. However, Milan does not have a reputation as a good cycling city, the Italians still like to use their car or scooter anyway. In recent years, this has been slowly changing. There are more and more quiet and beautiful cycling routes to be found in the city.

How bike-friendly is Milan

Despite the fact that Milan still has a reputation as a city where cars and scooters make the traffic chaotic, considerable investments have been made in recent years to improve bicycle facilities. For example, the BikeMi bicycle plan has been launched, where you can rent 1500 e-bikes and normal bikes at 103 stations. The rented bike is free for the first half hour and then costs just €0.50 per half hour. The rented bike can easily be rented online and returned to one of the 103 stations, which makes it the perfect way to explore Milan by bike.

In the centre of Milan there are marked cycle paths on the existing roads and there are several streets where only cyclists, scooters and pedestrians are allowed to enter. Furthermore, more and more places to park your bike are added yearly. Thankfully, the image of the chaotic Italian drivers can also be adjusted a bit, nowadays they pay closer attention to cyclists. But because there are hardly any specially designed bike paths, you as a cyclist will have to keep paying attention, because sharing a road with cars, scooters, trams and pedestrians is still a challenge!