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Cycling in Lisbon

Want to explore Lisbon by bike? Discover the best cycling tips, bike tours and cycling routes and enjoy a relaxing ride through Lisbon!

Cycling in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of history, but the city isn't afraid of modernising. The citizens of Lisbon love to meet each other and relax near the banks of the Tagus. If you want to discover the picturesque, small streets with their many cafes and restaurants it's best to do this by foot. For cycling enthusiasts you can get a great view of the city from the Parque Eduardo VII and cycle along the Tagus and the port area to Belém. Don't forget to taste the local pastries. Lisbon offers more than enough unique sights to discover by bike. It may not be a true cycling city, but with a guided bike tour with electrical bicycles you can cycle comfortably through the attractive streets of Lisbon and conquer the seven hills!

Cycling in Lisbon

Would you like to discover this charming city of the 7 hills with its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife in a unique way? Although Lisbon isn't ideal to discover by bike, cycling in Lisbon is becoming increasingly popular. The construction of new cycle paths, the adjustment of speed limits for cars and the construction of speed bumps have made cycling much safer. You can easily cycle from Baixa, with the Rossio Square and the royal residence (which dates back to a time when Portugal was not yet a republic) to the historic centre of Descobertas-Belem-Jerónimos. One of the more famous cycle paths in Lisbon is the Poetry Bike Lane, a path that takes you from the Baixa district to Belém along the River Tagus. In the evening you can cycle to Barrio Alto, a Bohemian district, where you can relax and listen to fado music.

Despite recent developments, cycling in Lisbon is not well organised. The traffic is quite chaotic and especially in the center of the city many roads are difficult to ride on with a bike because of the cobblestones. In addition, the hills make an electric bike almost essential if you want to explore Lisbon in a relaxed way by bike. We recommend doing a bike tour with e-bikes or renting e-bikes during your stay, it's simply the best way to explore Lisbon by bike. For experienced cyclists who don't mind a bit of a sweat, Lisbon offers enough challenges to conquer with a regular bicycle, and the rewards are great!

Bike tours in Lisbon

Explore Lisbon and enjoy the panoramic views and famous sights with excellent e-bikes and a local English speaking guide full of passion for the city. Join one of the fun e-bike tours in Lisbon and discover Lisbon by bike. Besides seeing many unique sights and hidden gems the local guide will be sure to give you great insider tips for the rest of your stay in Lisbon. In Lisbon you have several choices for an e-bike tour through the city.

Highlights bike tour in Lisbon

Is this your first visit to Lisbon? Then choose a highlights bike tour. This e-bike tour through the city centre follows the best accessible bike paths, so you will skip certain parts of the historic city centre (such as Alfama) which aren't suitable for cycling. This bike tour combines the best of Lisbon with a relaxed, safe and exciting ride. Thanks to the high quality electric bikes the small hills are no problem at all.

Private bike tour in Lisbon

Are you visiting Lisbon with your family, friends or colleagues? A private bike tour is a great group activity to do during your visit to the city. With a private bike tour the experienced local guide is happy to adapt the route, theme and and stops based on your wishes. This way you and your group will always experience a personalized bike tour through Lisbon.

Bike tour along the Tagus

One of the best cycling routes in Lisbon runs from Praça do Comércio to Bélem. This bike tour along the Tagus River will take you to a number of beautiful sights, such as the Monument of the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos), the Tower of Belém (Torre de Belém) and the Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos). You will cycle a mostly flat route and get to enjoy the cooling sea breeze. Watch the many people who come here to relax and see a unique side of Lisbon. You'll cycle with electric bikes and an experienced local English guide.

Bike tour incl. SUP workshop

Combine a nice bike ride through Lisbon with a wonderfully active SUP (stand up paddle boarding) workshop. With this fun combination you will experience an adventurous morning or afternoon in Lisbon. The SUP workshop is suitable for everyone, from beginner to expert and from young to old. If you're looking for a unique and fun activity to do in Lisbon, choose the Bike & SUP in Lisbon.

Bike rental in Lisbon

Despite the fact that the centre of Lisbon is not very suitable for exploring by bike, there are still enough nice cycling paths to explore with a rented bike. There is plenty of choice in Lisbon for bike rental companies. We recommend that you rent an electric bike. Make sure that you can safely store them in an enclosed space at night.

Bike rental companies in Lisbon