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Cycling in Antwerp

Want to explore Antwerp by bike? Discover the best cycling tips, bike tours and cycling routes and enjoy a relaxing ride through Antwerp!

Cycling in Antwerp

Strolling pleasantly through the streets of Antwerp and admiring the beautiful historic buildings and sights is a wonderful way to spend a day in Antwerp, but did you know it's even better to explore Antwerp by bike! Cycling in Antwerp is fun, safe and offers you the change to see a lot of this beautiful city in a short amount of time. Join one of the many bike tours, explore Antwerp with a passionate local guide and discover the highlights of Antwerp in a relaxing way. Here you'll discover the best tips for cycling in Antwerp and picking bike tour best suited for your wishes.

Bike tours in Antwerp

You can rent a bike and explore the city on your own, but it's much more fun to take part in a guided bike tour! The guide will show you the best places in the city, tell you more about the history and culture and give you great tips for the rest of your stay in the city. In Antwerp, you can do the various bike tours that allow you to discover the city's sights in a short period of time.

Antwerp highlights bike tour

For those who want to get acquainted with the highlights of Antwerp, there are several highlights bike tours in Antwerp. Together with a passionate local English speaking guide you will cycle through the city in a pleasant pace and along the way you will see the most main attractions, monuments and sights in the city. You'll cycle together with other travellers in a group, but they always stay small and personal (count on a maximum of 12 people in a group). A highlights bike tour is useful to do at the beginning of your visit to Antwerp. For example, choose the Antwerp Highlights Bike Tour.

Private bike tours in Antwerp

Families, friends or other groups who would like to do a bike tour exclusively with a private guide have more than enough options in Antwerpen to choose from. Exploring Antwerp by bike is a surprisingly fun group activity and suitable for everyone. The guide will be happy to adapt the pace, stops and theme to the group, so that everyone can experience a pleasant bike tour through Antwerp.

Cycling in Antwerp

Antwerp has been developing strongly as a bicycle-friendly city. Where cycling has always been popular among students, more and more people are now cycling to work as well. Antwerp wants to put itself on the map as a true cycling city and has big plans! In addition to the more than 700 km of bicycle paths that have now been constructed, there is a bicycle policy plan to make the city as attractive as possible for cyclists.

These developments make Antwerp great for exploring by bike. You will be able to cycle to the attractions you want to visit in a pleasant way, allowing you to see a lot of the city in a short time. A trip along the Scheldt is also highly recommended and gives you a beautiful view of Antwerp and the harbour. Especially handy is the city's bicycle plan, Velo Antwerp. There are several bicycle stations throughout the city where you can rent a bike and return it. The surrounding areas are also worth exploring by bike. There are several bicycle routes you can cycle yourself.