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Hidden gems


Antwerp has been an important city for the diamond trade for centuries. There are about 1500 diamond companies and about 50% of the world trade in diamonds takes place in this city. In the Diamond Museum DIVA, Antwerp Home of Diamonds you will learn all about diamonds and see how this trade in the hardest materials flourished in Antwerp. For example, in each room there are globes that indicate how contacts with other diamond countries develop. With lively imagery and sound and light effects you can see how diamonds are created, how and where they are mined, how diamonds are processed and how diamonds are processed in jewellery.

For many people, diamond equals wealth, glamour & glitter. But diamond is also used in the industry and a separate area has been set up in the museum for this purpose. In this area you'll learn that every person will deal with diamonds in one way or another.

The museum has three well-secured treasure chambers with beautiful creations in diamonds. There are replicas of the British crown jewels: the Queen's Crown with the Koh-I-Noor and the Royal Sceptre with the Cullinan I, also known as the Star of Africa. There is also a second version of the diamond A-brooch. The first version was donated to US President Bill Clinton in 2003. Finally, in the treasure chambers there is the famous ECC tennis racket. That was the first prize of the European Community Championship, a competition that is no longer being held.

In addition to these masterpieces, the museum exhibits the work of contemporary diamond artists. The entries for the biennial competition of the Diamond High Council are exhibited in the museum. In a special laboratory you can try cutting a diamond yourself. You'll discover that only real professionals understand this art.

The DIVA is centrally located, nearby you will find other famous sights such as the Grote Markt, the Town Hall and the Cathedral of Our Lady.

Visit DIVA Antwerp

Website: DIVA Antwerp
Address: Sweetcorn 17-19
Opening Hours: 10.00-18.00, closed on Wednesdays

Consult the DIVA website for up-to-date price information and opening hours.


DIVA, Diamond Museum Antwerp: Skip The Line
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