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Sights in Antwerp

Which sights in Antwerp should not be missed? Discover the best attractions, famous monuments, incredible museums and unique sights of Antwerp!

Top 8 sights in Antwerp

Antwerp is the ideal destination for a unique city break. Spend an afternoon on one of the many inviting terraces or explore the city's special attractions. Are you travelling by train? Start with a true highlight of Antwerp: The Central Station. Besides this architectural gem Antwerp has plenty of historical sights to visit. From a beautiful cathedral to a picturesque castle, the rich history of Antwerp is not to be missed. There is also no shortage of attractions and museums around art & culture. Visit the Grote Markt (Great Market Square) to enjoy a delicious Belgian beer or taste real Belgian chocolate. These are the top sights of Antwerp.

Cathedral of Our Lady

The 123 metre high tower of the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady stands proudly above the city. Not only the outside is beautiful; despite the iconoclasm and other incidents, the interior is beautiful. Among other things, there are masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens.

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Central Station

This building definitely deserves a visit, even if you don't travel by train. According to many, the train station is one of the five most beautiful train stations in the world. Antwerp-Central Station is beautiful from the outside and from the inside. The Central Station is also located in the middle of the famous diamond district. Antwerp-Centraal Station was inaugurated in 1905 and since 1975 the train station is officially a protected monument.

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Grote Markt

The Grote Markt (Great Market) is the center of the city and features a romantic square with many lively terraces. The City Hall of Antwerp is a real eye-catcher, but also the Brabo Fountain is not to be missed. Don't forget to take a look at the beautifully decorated facades of the guild houses on the north side of the Grote Markt.

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Antwerp Zoo

The Antwerp Zoo is one of the most beautiful urban zoos in Europe. The animals have access to a large amount of space in a beautifully landscaped garden where special trees grow. Antwerp Zoo is one of the last remaining zoos from the 19th century. Since 1983 it is officially a protected monument.

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Rubens House

Most of his life Peter Paul Rubens lived in Antwerp. His former home was restored to its original state. Did you know that the pupils of Rubens produced thousands of paintings that they sold at high prices to the royal houses of Europe? In the Rubens House you will not only view works by Peter Paul Rubens, but you will also learn more about how he worked and lived.

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Shopping in Antwerp

Antwerp is an amazing shopping city. Most people start on the Meir, but more exclusive things can be found in the Modewijk and the district De Wilde Zee. The area around the Central Station is teeming with jewellers. For a complete shopping experience, visit the beautiful Stadsfeestzaal. This shopping centre is housed in an impressive neoclassical building, built at the end of the 19th century. Since 1983 it has been an official monument.

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Steen Castle

Steen Castle (Het Steen) is the remnant of a large castle. Between 1303 and 1827 it served as a prison, and from 1952 until 2008 the National Maritime Museum was located here. The oldest stones of Steen Castle date from the 11th century. From 2020 onwards, Steen Castle will inform visitors about the history of Antwerp.

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As a Diamond City, Antwerp cannot do without a museum about this hard and beautiful gemstone. It is the largest and most modern diamond museum in the world where you can learn all about diamond mining and processing. Of course there are also beautiful specimens to admire. The DIVA Diamond Museum is an interesting museum for the whole family.

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