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Cycling in Valencia

Want to explore Valencia by bike? Discover the best cycling tips, bike tours and cycling routes and enjoy a relaxing ride through Valencia!

Cycling in Valencia

Valencia is highly recommended, especially if you're looking for a smaller city to visit in Spain than Barcelona and Madrid. Besides a beautiful city centre full of history, Valencia is an attractive city which offers more than enough to see and do for everyone. Explore its many interesting sights or relax in one of the green parks. Luxurious, hip, authentic, modern and vibrant, Valencia has got it all! In addition to the many fun activities in Valencia, it is also a very suitable city to explore by bike. Cycling in Valencia is a great way to get around the city. You can easily rent bikes in Valencia or book a bike tour in Valencia with a local guide.

Cycling tours in Valencia

A fun way to explore Valencia by bike is by doing a bike tour with a local guide. With a bike tour in Valencia, you'll see the best of the city in a short amount of time and get many great local tips from the guide. In Valencia, you can choose between different bike tours. Cycle through Valencia with an enthusiastic local guide and find out more about the history, culture and daily life in Valencia. Is this your first visit to Valencia? Then opt for a highlights bike tour in Valencia. For those who have visited Valencia before, there are several private bike tours or a nice bike ride along the hidden gems of Valencia to choose from.

A big advantage of a bike tour in Valencia with a local guide is that you'll be able to ask all the questions you might have. The local guide knows Valencia like the back of his hand, so you'll be sure to get lots of useful and personal tips for the rest of your stay. This makes a bike tour of Valencia not only the most convenient way to get to know the city better, but also the best way to get the most out of your visit to Valencia.

Highlights bike tour in Valencia

If this is your first visit to Valencia, then this bike tour along the highlights is the most suitable option. You'll cycle in a small group and enjoy a nice bicycle ride along the highlights of Valencia. You will stop at the famous sights, where the guide will tell you more about Valencia and the sights you're seeing. For example, you will cycle through the Turia Gardens, visit Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias and of course cycle through the historic centre of Valencia. The groups on a public bike tour usually consist of a maximum of 8 to 12 people during the high season. In low season you can count on about 2 to 8 people.

Private bike tour in Valencia

Looking for a private bike tour where you'll cycle with your party and a private guide? Then choose a private bike tour. You are guaranteed to cycle with your own group and a local private guide. The advantage of a private bike tour in Valencia is that the guide is happy adapt the itinerary to your wishes. Ideal for a tailor-made bicycle tour through Valencia!

Cycling in Valencia

Cycling through Valencia is probably not the first thought that comes to mind when you visit this Spanish city. Yet Valencia is a city where you can enjoy cycling and where the cycling infrastructure is quite good. A lot of money has been invested in improving the bicycle experience in the city. Along the main roads and streets, many kilometres of cycle paths and lanes have been constructed, making it easy, safe and relaxing to cycle from one side of the city to the other. The old town has its own charm, of course, with its narrow streets and one-way traffic. Here you won't find many few bike paths, which makes it a bit more challenging to move through the old town by bike.

Two unique places you should visit by bike are the beautiful Turia Gardens and the ultramodern Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. In the Turia Gardens you can enjoy cycling through a lovely green park, where the people of Valencia meet for sports, games and relaxation. Our tip: Get a cycling map with the best cycling routes at the Tourist Information office on the Plaza de la Reina. These two special places are undoubtedly among them!

Bike rental in Valencia

Because Valencia is so suitable for cycling, you'll have enough options to rent a bike. There are quite a few bike rental companies in Valencia where you can rent good bikes. In addition to a wide range of men's and women's bikes, most bike rental companies also have plenty of children's bikes and child seats available. Please read the rental conditions in advance, as you often have to pay a deposit and show proof of identity. Make sure you securely lock the rented bikes during the day and have a safe place to park them at night. Plenty of bicycles get stolen in Valencia. Most bike rental companies have handy bike maps available with nice bike routes through Valencia and the surrounding area. Feel free to ask for some tips!

Where to rent bikes in Valencia

5 cycling tips in Valencia

  1. There are several streets in Valencia where cyclists are given priority, the so-called ciclocalles
  2. A nice cycling route from the city centre leads through the Turia Gardens to the City of Arts and Sciences. This bike route is suitable for the whole family
  3. Nature lovers can take a beautiful bike route of about 20 kilometers (about 40 kilometers in total) to the Albufera Natural Park
  4. The city has a number of useful guidelines for cyclists, it is recommended that you go through them before your visit.
  5. Like many other European cities, Valencia also has a general bicycle rental system with several bicycle stations in the city. In Valencia, you can use Valenbisi.