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Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Hidden gems

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The Plaza de Ayuntamiento is Valencia's largest and unmistakably impressive square. This square is also dominated by an attractive fountain and is surrounded by beautiful sights, including a number of buildings from the 19th and early 20th century.

The largest building is the town hall (Ayuntamiento), which has a modern look but with Spanish and typical Valencian details. The back is part of a former Catholic school in Baroque style. Don't be put off by the armed guard in front of the entrance and visit the town hall to see the impressive halls. In the central hall and in the Sala de Cristal you can see beautifully decorated ceilings and large chandeliers. A small museum exhibits historical objects.

Opposite the town hall is the neoclassical main post office. Walk inside and look at the beautiful glass dome.

The other buildings on this square are also worth a visit, such as the headquarters of the Banco de Valencia. In the evening, the Plaza de Ayuntamiento is attractively lit (like many other squares, fountains and historic buildings in Valencia).

Good to know

Website: Plaza del Ayuntamiento

See the Plaza del Ayuntamiento website for more information.