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Where to stay in Valencia

Discover great hotels, B&Bs and accommodations in Valencia, find the best deals and get the most out of your stay in Valencia.

Where to stay in Valencia

Valencia is known for its oranges, paella and pearly white beaches but it is so much more. The architecture is breathtaking and shows many traces of Moorish and Mudéjar architecture. The beautiful park in the dry bed of the (former) river Turia and the modern Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències still appeal to the imagination. No matter how often you visit Valencia, there are always new sights to discover.

Popular festivals in Valencia include the Las Fallas festival, with parades and fireworks, but La Tomatina is also becoming world famous. During this festival, which is also a spectacular food battle with tomatoes, there will also be numerous parades, paellas and, of course, fireworks. Las Fallas takes place on the week of 19 March and La Tomatina at the end of August. These are the busiest periods, especially for Las Fallas it is advisable to arrive early and book your accommodation very early!

Hotels in Valencia

Middle Class & Tourist Hotels

Hotels in Valencia are not very expensive. Hotel Valencia is located just around the corner from the main square, or "Plaza del Ayuntamiento". The other corner leads to the 'Estación Valencia Nord', from where trains go to Murcia and Alicante (recommended!). There are several hotels in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, including Hotel Venecia. This 2-star hotel has an excellent location and excellent prices. Major chains in Valencia are NH Hotels and Accor. The low prices of both chains are striking. The centrally located NH Center has rooms at a slightly higher price a night but the other hotels of both chains are more affordable. These hotels are located just outside the center but a nice walk along the park in the riverbed is never a punishment! When searching for hotels on a map, pay attention to the large park and its distance from Nuevo Centro.

Hostels are easy to find but not always cheap. A good option is one of the Nest Hostels. In Valencia there are two: the red litter hostel and the purple litter hostel. Both hostels are located in the city centre. Keywords are hip, new, young and central.

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Luxury hotels & business hotels

Valencia is known for its beaches, which are quite a distance from the city centre. Lovers of the beach will be happy to indulge themselves at Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort, a 5-star beachfront accommodation. Luxury-loving travellers can enjoy the 5-star Westin Hotel, which is within walking distance of the city centre.

Other accommodation Valencia

Bed & Breakfast

There are small houses and guesthouses in the vicinity of Valencia (for example in Oliva) but in the city itself it is mainly small hotels that dominate the sector. Hotels are in most cases cheaper than a (private) B&B.

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There are a number of campsites in the immediate vicinity of Valencia, but they are a short distance from the city. Most of the campsites are located between Valencia and Alicante, but the area is beautiful. Camping Azul is located on the beach, in the small municipality of Oliva (below Valencia).