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Street Art

Hidden gems

Street Art

For a good dose of street art, Lisbon is definitely a top destination! In and around the old town, there are plenty of urban art hotspots. The city council has played an active role in this, making the street art scene in Lisbon one of the most active in Europe. It will come as no surprise that you won't have enough time to discover all the extraordinary street art. To get you started we have listed some of the must-see graffiti and murals!

Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo

In 2010, the Crono Project was launched, with the aim of transforming the old dilapidated buildings in the financial district into a gigantic urban art project. Several international artists have worked to make this street with its dilapidated buildings one of the most famous street art places in the city. As you walk through the street you will see large murals and graffiti, with the entire facades of the buildings being used as canvas.

The Graça literary street art walk

A real hidden gem in the street art scene can be discovered in the traditional district of Graça. The district itself is worth a visit, because this fascinating and atmospheric district gives a fantastic impression of the authentic Portuguese culture. As part of the Ebano Collective in 2014, several street artists have created works around a number of important female Portuguese writers. The final result was very successful and a real tribute to the influence that the writers had on the neighbourhood. As a bonus, this hike takes you past two of Lisbon's best viewpoints: Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and Miradouro da Senhora Do Monte. Click here for a handy map of the various hotspots.


In this old factory building you will find a diversity of graffiti and murals. LX Factory is also one of Lisbon's hip hotspots, with a co-working space, various businesses, cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Most of the street art was created during the WOOL Urban Art Festival in 2012. In addition to larger works, you can also find interesting smaller works if you pay attention. Be sure to check out the "Giant Bee" of Bordalo II just outside the Ler Davagar bookstore.

Rua de Sao Bento

In this street you will find a mural with Dutch roots, because the Dutch artist Hedof, in collaboration with AkaCorleone, created a gigantic and very colourful mural. To celebrate the fact that there has been an active flight connection between Amsterdam and Lisbon for 75 years, KLM has commissioned the creation of this mural.

Good to know

Crono Project

Website: Crono Project
Website (incl. images): Interview Crono Project


Website: LX Factory
Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300 Lisboa, Portugal

Graça literary street art walk

Website (mainly in Portuguese): Ebano Collective

Hedof & AkaCorleone KLM mural

Website: Hedof KLM project

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