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Ponte 25 de Abril


Ponte 25 de Abril

An absolute eye-catcher of Lisbon: the imposing suspension bridge over the Tagus. This 2.5-kilometre-long steel bridge was designed following the example of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Until 1966 - the year in which the bridge was opened - the nearest fixed river crossing over the Tagus was more than 30 kilometres from Lisbon.

The bridge was constructed during the reign of dictator António de Oliveira Salazar to whom the steel colossus owes its name. Eight years later, Salazar was driven out and the bridge was renamed the 25th of April Bridge, the day of the so-called Carnation Revolution.

At its highest point, the bridge hangs 75 metres above the waters of the Tagus. Whatever means of transport you use to cross the bridge - car, bus or train - you'll always have a spectacular view. You will see the giant The Sanctuary of Christ the King - Our Lord - on the south bank majestically opening his arms to the city. This monument is inspired by the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro and is also an idea of ex-dictator Salazar. When he seized power in 1926 he put an end to what he called the atheism of the First Republic.

You can imagine that the bridge is very busy during rush hour and you can count on long traffic jams. Some tourists don't mind at all, the longer they can enjoy the view of the city and some of Lisbon's famous sights.

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