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Parque das Naçoes


Parque das Naçoes

In 1998, Lisbon organised the World Exposition. Some of the attractions of this exhibition can still be visited in the Parque des Naçoes. It is also an entertainment center with bars, restaurants, cinemas and the large Vasco da Gama shopping center.

The biggest attraction of the 1998 World Expo is still a major attraction: the Oceanarium, the largest aquarium in Europe. There are five large basins in which the underwater life of the world's oceans is imitated. There are also some smaller water tanks. In total, these basins contain about 7 million liters of water! You can visit the Oceanarium on your own or book a guided tour. Children (6-12 years) can even sleep one night at the dolphin pool! This is also possible for families.

The Knowledge Pavilion (Pavilhão do Conhecimento) is especially fun for children. Here they discover how a tornado works, that a shadow does not only consist of black and white and that lying on a nail bed doesn't hurt at all. These are just a few of the tests they can perform themselves. Young future architects (3-6 years) can build a house in 45 minutes.

Furthermore, there is a train on the site as well as a cable car. Especially from the cable car you have a beautiful view on the long (12 kilometers) Vasco da Gama Bridge. There is also a skate park and children's playgrounds, including one with gigantic musical instruments that make a sound when someone jumps on it. For families with young children, this is one of the recommended attractions in Lisbon.

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A list of Parque des Naçoes places of interest

Website: Parque des Naçoes
Address: Parque Expo 98, Avenida Dom João 2


Website: Oceanarium
Address: Parque das Naçoes Opening
Hours: 10.00-19.00 (in winter until 18.00)

Knowledge Pavilion

Website: Knowledge Pavilion (Pavilhão do Conhecimento)
Address: Parque das Naçoes Opening
Hours: 10.00-18.00 (on weekends 11.00-19.00, closed on Mondays)

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