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In the surrounding area of Naples you will find some unique sights. In the Bay of Naples there are three islands: Capri, Ischa and Procida. Capri is well known and popular and Ischa is also visited by many tourists. The Neapolitans themselves go to Procida, a small island of only 4 square kilometres. It is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Naples.

You will arrive by boat in the old port, Marina del Sancio Cattolico. Because the island is so small you can easily explore Procida on foot. In the old town of Torre Murata with its narrow and winding streets, there is a medieval fortress and a Benedictine monastery. From the terraces of this monastery you have a beautiful view over the sea. Also beautiful viewpoints are Punta Solchiaro and the Pizzaco peninsula.

Vivara is a small island off the coast that was the hunting ground of the royal family. It used to be only accessible by boat, but nowadays it is connected to Procida by a small bridge. It is a protected nature reserve with a rich subtropical vegetation and wild deer.

In the week before Easter, Procida is the scene of many religious events. On Good Friday the young men from the island go to the port in a procession of Torre Murata. In this Mysteries of the Dead Christ procession they wear traditional robes and symbolic 'weapons' that often look very artistic. These 'weapons' are called 'mysteries' and only the porters may have seen them before the procession starts. After the procession, the mysteries are destroyed.

Visit Procida

Website: Procida
Procida can be reached by a boat that departs from Naples several times a day.

Consult this website for current departure times and price information of the ferries.