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Bernabéu Stadium

Hidden gems

Bernabéu Stadium

If you're a fan of archrival FC Barcelona you'll probably avoid this stadium, but other football fans will love to take a look at the home of Real Madrid. The stadium was built in 1947 and can accommodate more than 75,000 spectators. The full name is Santiago Bernabéu, after the then president of the football club who borrowed money for the construction of this stadium. It was then the most modern stadium in Spain.

A tour of the stadium starts with a panoramic view of the playing field from the roof. Then you visit the 'Presidential Box', the dressing rooms, the player tunnel, the bank and of course the playing field itself. Then you go to the exhibition of trophies to end up at the shop with souvenirs.

The stadium of Real Madrid is the one of the most popular sights in Madrid for anyone with a passion for football. However, if you are not a football fan, this attraction will be less appealing, although the architecture is also special.

Visit the Bernabéu Stadium

Website: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Address: Avenida Concha Espina 1 Opening
hours: 10.00-19.00 (shorter opening hours on match days)

Visit the Bernabéu Stadium website for up-to-date price information and opening hours.


Bernabeu Tour: Priority Entrance
From €25,00