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Faro de Madrid

Hidden gems

Faro de Madrid

The Faro de Madrid (also called Faro de Moncloa) was built in the year that major events took place in Spain: Madrid itself was the European Capital of Culture that year, the Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona, and Seville was the scene of the World's Fair. A tower was built to celebrate the festivities and was 92 metres high (after the year 1992).

The Faro is a model of modern architecture, designed by Perez Arroyo. A lift takes you to the viewing platform, from where you have a beautiful view over the city and various sights. On the floor you can see where the main attractions of the city are located. On a clear day you can even see the peaks of the Guadarramas, almost 100 kilometers away. This attraction does not attract many tourists, because the Faro is located outside the centre of Madrid.

Close to the Faro stands the Arco de la Victoria, a remnant of dictator Franco. This triumphal arch seems older than it is, the 40 meter high construction was completed in 1956 to celebrate Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Many Spaniards do not like to be reminded of the years under Franco. The Arco de la Victoria is therefore popularly called Puerta de Moncloa, as if it were a city gate. The gate is not open to the public.

Visit Faro de Madrid

Faro de Madrid
Address: AvenidaArco de la Victoria, 2
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09.30-20.30 (please note that the tower is often closed for works

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