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Sights in Prague

Which sights in Prague should not be missed? Discover the best attractions, famous monuments, incredible museums and unique sights of Prague!

Top 13 sights in Prague

Prague is a truly magical city, anyone who has been there will tell you. If you haven't visited this Czech capital yet, you’re missing out! Walk through the Old Town of Prague where it feels like you’re thrown back in time. There are so many historical buildings and picturesque streets to discover. Prague offers plenty of historical sights, attractions, museums and interesting places to visit, of which some are among the most beautiful in Europe. Czechs also like to have a good time, so there is no shortage of nice pubs, restaurants and bars. This combination makes Prague a city where you are sure to experience an unforgettable time. Here are the top sights of Prague.

Prague Castle (Hradčany)

Did you know that Prague has the largest castle complex in the world? It is actually so big that it’s nearly impossible to see everything in one day. Attractions include the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Street and the Royal Palace. Don't forget to take a walk through the beautiful gardens, which by the way are freely accessible. In high season it can be quite busy at the Prague Castle, a visit early in the morning is recommended.

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Charles Bridge

Of the many bridges over the Moldau, the Charles Bridge is the most famous. The bridge swings over the river in a faint S-shape and on both sides there are statues of saints. This bridge is only accessible to pedestrians and is a meeting point for people of all ages. Especially early in the morning and late in the evening you'll see many photographers trying to capture Prague's iconic image.

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Old Town Square

This square is the heart of Old Town and surrounded by some of Prague's most beautiful buildings. The Astronomical Clock puts on a unique show every hour and from the bell tower of the Old Town Hall you have a beautiful view of this picturesque square. The square also features many terraces where you can enjoy a drink and grab something to eat.

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Jewish Quarter

Jews settled in Prague a long time ago, but for centuries they were discriminated against and put away in a separate neighbourhood. At the end of the 19th century, this neighbourhood was largely flattened. However, some very interesting buildings have been preserved, including a synagogue from the 13th century and a Jewish cemetery. The Jewish Museum is also worth a visit.

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Old Town

This beautiful district is the heart of Prague and is very popular with many tourists who want to experience the historical highlights of the city. Here you will find cosy narrow streets, impressive sights, picturesque houses and lively squares. The charming old town is lovely to stroll through, the town centre is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, which will not surprise you when walking through it.

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St Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral is a real eye-catcher and can be admired from afar because of its high position on the Hradčany hill. You can see different architectural styles in the cathedral due to the work of different architects over the years.

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Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery is a large complex and is the national centre of Czech literature. The library is known for its spectacular beauty, but it also houses a huge collection of more than 200,000 books, including special historical writings. The Strahov Monastery is definitely one of the must sees during your visit to Prague.

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Petřín Park and Lookout Tower

Petřín Park is the largest green space in Prague. On the top is a fake Eiffel Tower, which is quite a bit smaller than its Parisian example. You can climb the tower or take the lift, but fortunately there is also a cable car (Petřín funicular) from Malá Strana to the hilltop. For those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Petřín Park is ideal.

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Malá Strana

A little less crowded than Old Town, but no less worthy of a visit! Malá Strana is a cosy neighbourhood where you'll find beautiful sights, green parks, picturesque houses and good restaurants and cafés. Visit the Church of Saint Nicholas and the Wallenstein Palace.

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Mucha Museum

Adolf Mucha became world famous for his art nouveau style posters. The Mucha Museum provides an overview of his life and work, culminating in the poster he made for the play Gismonde. This work, which he made in Paris, was particularly sought after. In the museum you get a nice overview of his life and his beautiful work.

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Dancing House

In the beginning, the citizens of Prague were not very fond of the strangely designed Dancing House. Now they have reconciled with it and have even given the house a nickname: Fred and Ginger (the original name of the building by Frank Gehry). If you like modern architecture you should definitely visit this remarkable building. The house was designed by Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry.

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St Nicholas Church

The St Nicholas Church on the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) - not to be confused with the one located at the Old Town Square - is one of the finest examples of Prague's Baroque. The interior is beautifully decorated. Among other things, you will see Europe's largest fresco of 1500 m² in size. You can also attend numerous classical concerts.

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Infant Jesus of Prague

This small statue of only 47 centimetre high statue attracts tens of thousands of believers every year. To the Child Jesus of Prague many miracles are attributed, to this day. The statuette can be found in the Church of Our Lady Victorious.

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