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Petřín Park and Lookout Tower


Petřín Park and Lookout Tower

West of Malá Strana lies Petřín Hill with a replica of the Eiffel Tower on top of it. The highest point is as high as the tower in Paris, but the structure is much smaller, as the hill is about 250 metres high. Most people take the cable car from Ujezd Street to the top of the hill, because the path is quite steep. But it is a pleasant walk through apple orchards and parks. Unfortunately in the communist era some hideous flats were built here. Are you planning on going cycling in Prague? The park is a very nice place to visit by bike.

The citizens of Prague will avoid the hill at night, because there are many myths and legends about the ghosts of Petřín Hill. In April there even is a special Ghost Night where all the creepy stories come to life.

The miniature version of the Eiffel Tower was built for the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, two years after the World Exhibition in Paris. To get to the viewing platform, you can climb the 299 steps of the spiral staircase or use a small lift. On the platform you have a fantastic view of the city and several beautiful sights in Prague. In clear weather, you can even see the Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, 150 kilometres from Prague!

The Mirror Maze has remained from the exhibition in 1891, especially fun to visit with young children. There is also an astronomical observatory and you can also see the Hunger Wall. This wall was built in the 14th century under Emperor Charles IV by hungry farmers. In exchange for their labour, they were given food.

Good to know

Website (Czech): Petřín Park & Petřín Lookout Tower
Opening hours of the tower: 10.00-22.00 (May to September, in other months the tower closes earlier)

Check the Petřín Park & Petřín Lookout Tower website for the latest price information and opening hours.

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