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St Vitus Cathedral


St Vitus Cathedral

In the middle of Old Town, within the Prague Castle, you’ll find the St. Vitus Cathedral. The castle and the cathedral can be admired from afar due to their high position on the Hradčany hill and are popular sights in Prague to capture in a picture.

In the tenth century there already stood a church on the same site. Four centuries later, Charles IV commissioned the construction of the largest cathedral in Europe. The construction of the cathedral began in 1344 and has taken nearly 600 years to complete.

Over the years, many architects have built it, resulting in a variety of different architectural styles. Admire the Gothic splendor at the front, but keep your eye out for Romanesque, Baroque and Classicist elements as well.

The cathedral has three towers and is the most sacred building in the city. More than thirty Bohemian kings and queens have been anointed here. The royal tombs are also located here, including that of the daughters of Empress Maria Theresa. The patron saint of the church, St. Vitus, is also buried here.

The mosaics and stained glass windows alone are well worth a visit. One of them was made by the Czech art nouveau artist Alfons Mucha. The front part of the church is free to visit. You have to pay for the back part of the church.

In Prague Castle near the cathedral there are four more churches, including the famous St. George's Basilica, don't miss the special palace gardens and the famous Golden Street.

Good to know

Website: St Vitus Cathedral
Address: Metropolitní kapitula u sv. Víta v Praze, III. nádvoří 48/2, Pražský hrad, 119 01 Praha 1 - Hradčany

Please consult the website of St. Vitus Cathedral for opening hours.

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