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Infant Jesus of Prague

Hidden gems

Infant Jesus of Prague

In the Church of Our Lady Victorious you’ll find a wax statue just 47 centimetres high: the Child Jesus of Prague. This statue from the 16th century comes from Spain. It was a wedding gift left to the Carmelite monastery in Prague. The statue was damaged during the invasion of the Saxons. After restoration it was placed in the church and soon miracles were attributed to this statue. For example, the Child Jesus prevented the Swedes from setting fire to Prague in 1648. Even today, miracles are still attributed to him and every year tens of thousands of believers pray to this statue.

The Child Jesus is always dressed. The cloakroom contains more than 85 items of clothing, including one that was donated in the 18th century by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. Subsequent donations came from all over the world, including the United States, Spain, the Philippines, Ecuador and Vietnam. These garments can be viewed in a small museum, which also houses a crown donated by the Bishop of Prague in 1655. The nuns dress up the Child Jesus behind closed doors, but you can watch a video of the ceremony. Are you interested in viewing one of the most unique sights in Prague? Then visit the Child Jesus of Prague.

Good to know

Website: Child Jesus of Prague
Address: Karmelitska 9, Mala Strana
Opening hours: 10.00-17.30 (Sunday 13.00-17.00)

Consult the website of the Child Jesus of Prague for the latest price information and opening hours.

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