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Where to stay in Prague

Discover great hotels, B&Bs and accommodations in Prague, find the best deals and get the most out of your stay in Prague.

Where to stay in Prague

After the former Czechoslovakia got rid of the grip of the communist regime at the end of 1989, it became possible for the rest of the world to visit the country and its capital, Prague. A city that is praised with superlatives such as The Golden City, City of One Hundred Towers or the Mother of Cities. The Old Town is on UNESCO's world heritage list, and the many magnificent bridges over the Moldau, which meanders through the city, are also worth a visit. Historical sights in Prague are plentiful. The enormous Prague Castle (the largest in Europe) watches over the city on a hill and completes the idyllic picture of Prague.

Find your ideal hotel

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Hotels in Prague

As one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe, Prague has a wide variety of hotels, from modern design to classical, but always charming and elegant. Prices generally are on the lower side, even centrally located you’ll be able to find affordable hotels with a good reputation.

High season is between May and October, although during December it can also be quite busy in Prague. So don't forget to book well in advance!

Middle class & tourist hotels

There are many 3 and 4 star hotels in Prague. The Ibis chain has two hotels in Prague, so does the Eurostars chain. There is also a Best Western Hotel in Prague, with surprisingly low prices. In the Best Western Selsky dvur Hotel it is possible to book rooms at great rates.

Although Prague is catching up with Western Europe in terms of prices, there are still many cheap alternatives. An example of a low-cost hostel is the centrally located Golden Sickle Hostel , which offers a place to sleep for very low prices. Prices that are certainly no exception outside the city centre, and with the excellent metro network of Prague in mind it’s usually a great option to book a hotel or hostel outside the city centre.

Luxury hotels & business hotels

In Prague, besides the beautifully situated Hilton and Radisson Blu you’’ll find a variety of 3 and 4-star hotels with all the facilities the business traveller could possibly expect. The large Marriott, with over 300 rooms, is recommended. If you’re looking for luxury within the centre of the city, then Hotel Metamorphis, which is located practically next to the Old Town Square, is a great option. On the other side of the Moldau and in the same price range you can stay at the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa , a unique baroque building transformed into a modern hotel, without forgetting its historical heritage.

Other accommodation Prague

Bed & Breakfast

A nice alternative to the hotels and hostels are still the so-called Botels. You sleep, not far from the center and at a good price, on the Moldau. Examples of Botels are Albatros and Admiral. If you don’t mind the small rooms then you’re in for a unique experience!


Camping opportunities in and around Prague are abundant. Options include the Caravan Camp or Camping Herzog.