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Traveling to Prague

Planning a trip to Prague? Discover our flight, car and public transport tips for Prague

Traveling to Prague

Anyone flying to Prague will arrive at Prague-Ruzyně Airport, about 10 kilometers from the city centre. Most of the major airlines are represented and a number of low-cost airlines also fly to Prague: EasyJet (England), Ryanair (Ireland, England) and Sky Europe (England, Croatia). Travelling from the airport to Prague can be done with bus 119, to the Dejvická metro station. From there you can take the green metro line to the city centre. At night the subway is usually closed and you can take night bus 510 to the center. An alternative destination for your visit to Prague is Bratislava Letisko Airport. From here you'll have to drive about 330 kilometers to Prague.

Getting to Prague by car

Prague is easy to reach by car. It is a central point in Bohemia and there are good highways to Germany and Slovakia. The D5 goes to Pilsen and also to Nuremberg in Germany. In the East, the D1 only goes to Brno and on to Poland. D2 goes to Bratislava (in Slovakia) and D8 to Dresden (in Germany). You can also take the D11 to Wroclaw in Poland and take the D3 to Linz in Austria.

Getting to Prague by train and bus

The public transport network in Prague is quite extensive. The tram network is very convenient in the city centre and there are also city buses and a good metro service. The two most important train stations are Praha-Holešovice Station and Praha hlavní nádraží Station (the main station). Among other things, trains go to Munich and via Stuttgart you can travel to Paris. There are Eurocity connections with Berlin and Dresden and there is a CityNightLine connection with Amsterdam. Timetables can be found at IDOS.

The Prague metro consists of four lines and the tram network of 25 lines. Buses also run frequently in many European countries and it is possible to travel to Prague cheaply.

Renting a car in Prague

For information about car rental in Prague, you can visit this page.