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Weather in Prague

Read all about the weather and climate in Prague, from temperature to the best time in the year to visit Prague. Plan your city break with our tips!

Weather in Prague

Do you want to visit the capital of the Czech Republic? Prague is a great destination for an unforgettable city break. The most popular time to visit Prague is from April to October. But also outside high season, all sights in Prague are open. There are many fun things to do in Prague. Enjoy a nice walking tour or bike ride while the sun slowly sets and the city comes to life.

Climate in Prague

The best time to visit Prague is in spring or autumn, when you have pleasant temperatures and it is less crowded than in the summer months. In the winter it can be quite chilly and snowy here, which is also an opportunity for taking beautiful pictures during the Christmas season. In the months of June, July and August, you have the best chance for great weather, but keep in mind it’s also busier and more expensive.

Prague is located on the banks of the Vltava River in the centre of the Czech Republic. The country lies between Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Poland. Prague is surrounded by mountains and hills. Nice and sheltered. As in a lot of other Western European countries, the climate is temperate.

Spring in Prague

Prague is beautiful in the spring. The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. The real hustle and bustle of summer has not yet begun and with an average temperature of around 20°C in June it’s the ideal time to see the many sights. Bring an umbrella, as there's a chance of some rain

Summer in Prague

Prague is very popular during the summer months. It is usually dry with pleasant temperatures averaging 23 °C, but there may also be tropical peaks between them. It is also the time of the fairs, festivals and other summer activities, but keep in mind there is still a chance of some heavy showers.

Autumn in Prague

From Septemberthe temperature gradually drops to 18 °C during the day. The tourist crowds of the summer are gone which you clearly notice while visiting the many sights and terraces. In September and early October you still have a good chance of beautiful summer days and less chance of rain. However, in November it’s quickly cooling down, with an average temperature of 10 °C during the day.

Winter in Prague

In the months of January and February it is quite gray, dry and chilly. It can be cold and snowy, but due to the sheltered location of the city, the wind chill is often higher than the actual temperature (around freezing point). From March onwards, it slowly gets warmer.

Weather forecast Prague

Do you want to know what the weather will be like in Prague for the next 7 or 14 days? You can use different sources for a reliable weather forecasts. On Weeronline or on AccuWeather you will find pretty reliable weather forecasts for the coming days in Prague.